We know what will get buyers in the door and what will make them want to stay.

First Impression

Will a finished basement add value? What will boost my curb appeal? We know first impressions mean everything to people. Your Five Star Real Estate Agent can help you see your home improvement investments through a potential buyer’s eyes.

Home Value

We have agents in Maryland and D.C. We have the insight  on exactly what’s selling, where, and how much. Your agent will provide you with an analysis of your homes value. You and your agent will be able to come up with a price that you believe your home is worth.

Finding a Buyer

Your agent will know who to target and what will win their heart. Your agent will also reach out to personal contacts and their agent network to see who’s looking for a home like yours. We will even showcase your home online, too. A photo-rich listing will appear not only on our site, but on the MLS for all agents to see.